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 Welcome to MARCHROIA PICTURES of Creative Children's Circle!
MARCHROIA PICTURES is working with only Shikito Susukino alone. It may be an avid circle that continues to make "Pallet World Epic" which the classic and fairy-tale Western Children's and the couterie movie series fusing modern and magnificent mythical world endlessly.
 Our solution is original only, all of them are Palette World Epic.
Thank you for visiting with interested in Palette Worle Epic.
You can fly to each content from the sticky menu group on the left.
You can see the introduction page of each content such as "ALBUM CINEMA" for album cinema, "MUSIC" for music.
We enrich the content every day on every page.
Also, all of you who has already appreciated Palette World Epics, please enjoy visiting this HP and having fun!


     Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Shikito Susukino!
    I am an artist depicting the worldview of Palette World Epic at MARCHROIA PICTURES of creative indies circle. I have loved 3DCG since long ago.Instead of drawing a story with hand-drawn pictures and sentences like a manga, I began to think that I could spin out a story with computer graphics, sentences and music. I began to aim for the creation of contents using a method similar to the novel game called Album Cinema.

     The self-portrait introduced on the left is a motif of Tokyo Disneyland's it's a small world doll. It's a small world is an affectionate attraction from a long time ago.It also had a tremendous influence on wolrd view of the Palette World. Mary Blair who designed the it's a small world and Sherman brothers who composed It's a small world are my longing existence. I am aiming to create a colorful world with 3DCG and a fairy tale worldview with children's toy music.

     The meaning of my name of "Shikito" is to continue creation that cherished color for a long time.     


    Marchroia Pictures is a circle born of the my thought.
    Circle representative Shikito think "I want to make doujin game!"
    Originally it was named Nanairo-Tosho. In truth, I intended to sell the DVD at a doujinshi sale party like a comic market.
    So that more people can appreciate freely, the feeling that I want you to enjoy the 3DCG and the music and the story of the Pallet World Epic has been much enhanced.
    I decided to release it for free on the movie site, and it reaches the present.
    We will continue to make efforts to make the worldview of Palette World Epic created by me a more familiar feeling!

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shikito Those who wish to send letters to MARCHROIA PICTURES, Please give me a brief comment in reply to MARCHROIA's official Twitter account "@marchroia_official". I can not promise reply from Shikito, but I surely read all your comments.

If you are a business person and would like to request a job to MARCHROIA PICTURES, Please send me a brief description of your email to "palettenovel★yahoo.co.jp (★→@)" of the e-mail address private to Shiktio.
As for the e-mail received on the matter of work request, we will send you a reply as soon as possible and surely. Please consider the reply waiting period of a maximum of one week.
In addition, business mail reply is only available in Japanese and English. For overseas residents, it is necessary to reliably send the language in English. We can not do a reply correspondence other than these two national languages.
Thank you for you understanding on refusing to send a fan letter to this work email address.